Eternal Sunshine #125

June 2017

By Douglas Kent 911 Irene Drive, Mesquite, TX  75149

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Welcome to the latest issue of Eternal Sunshine.  One game left and then we’re done. 


Just to clarify, Jim Burgess is STILL doing The Abyssinian Prince (TAP) but I don’t include it with ES any longer because only a few people read this zine now.  He’s looking for some Dip players; if you’re interested contact him.  He also has a new BPD/BAPD game coming soon, and maybe more Kendo.


See you in July.  But first, here is some LONG overdue greatest album stuff from Dick Martin.  Enjoy!


Richard Martin - i'm clearing out my draft email folder and came across this little gem hanging around since march 2016 - the rest of my album selections for your best of list. some obvious (rumours, slim shady) and some not (eden alley, out of the cradle, bikini red). out of laziness/indecision i haven't reduced it to the ten per decade criteria. oh well, the time has passed for it anyways. do with it as you will. :)


(aside - four of my all time top five are listed and are all from the 70s (technically i think london calling came out in december 79, revolver was in 1966 as the fifth) though i am much more inclined to listen to the 80s stuff than any others, with probably the 50s next most)


1970 abraxas - santana

1971 tapestry - carole king

1972 machine head - deep purple

1973 band on the run - paul mccartney

1973 quadrophenia - the who

1975 physical grafitti - led zeppelin

1975 born to run - bruce springsteen

1975 blood on the tracks - bob dylan

1975 a night at the opera - queen

1975 siren - roxy music

1975 gratitude - earth wind & fire

1976 station to station - david bowie

1976 boston

1976 silk degrees - boz scaggs

1977 fleetwood mac - rumours

1978 the cars

1978 rocket to russia - ramones

1978 q: are we not men? a: we are devo! - devo

1978 easter - patti smith

1978 van halen

1978 briefcase full of blues - blues brothers

1979 off the wall - michael jackson

1979 flag - james taylor

1980 back in black - ac/dc

1980 remain in light - talking heads

1980 making movies - dire straits

1980 get happy - elvis costello

1980 london calling - the clash

1980 all shook up - cheap trick

1980/1981 los angeles/wild gift - x

1983 power corruption & lies - new order

1984 steeltown - big country

1985 hard line - the blasters

1985 nervous night - hooters

1985 katrina & the waves

1985 tales of the new west - beat farmers

1985 this is big audio dynamite - big audio dynamite

1986 bo-day-shus!!! - mojo nixon

1986 home of the brave - laurie anderson

1986 life's rich pageant - rem

1986 london 0 hull 4 - housemartins

1987 sign o the times - prince

1987 bikini red - screaming blue messiahs

1987 fishbone

1988 land of dreams - randy newman

1988 the innocents - erasure

1988 eden alley - timbuk 3

1988 mona lisa's sister - graham parker

1989 spin the world - royal crescent mob

1989 cosmic thing - b52s

1989 disintegration - cure

1989 automatic - jesus & mary chain

1990 beau jocque??

1990 violator - depeche mode

1990 recycler - zz top

1990 fear of a black planet - public enemy

1991 nevermind - nirvana

1991 achtung baby - u2

1992 out of the cradle - lindsey buckingham

1992 new miserable experience - gin blossoms

1992 between 10th and 11th - charlatans uk

1993 songs from the rain - hothouse flowers

1995 post - bjork

1996 road to ensenada - lyle lovett

1998 supposed former infatuation junkie - alannis morrissette

1998 largo

1999 battle of los angeles - rage against the machine

1999 slim shady lp - eminem

1999 velvet touch of los straitjackets - los straitjackets

2000 crossing muddy waters - john hiatt

2002 the rising - bruce springsteen

2002 the big come up - black keys

2003 fever to tell - yeah yeah yeahs

2003 train home - chris smither

2004 ashgrove - dave alvin

2004 american idiot - green day

2005 guero - beck

2007 icky thump - white stripes

2008 the hard way - james hunter

2012 moving up living down - eric hutchinson



Eternal Sunshine Game Section


Diplomacy, “Milk and Trash”, 2015A, F 12

Austria (Jack McHugh – jwmchughjr “of” A Ankara – Constantinople,

 A Bulgaria Supports A Ankara – Constantinople, F Eastern Mediterranean Hold,

 A Greece Supports A Ankara - Constantinople (*Fails*), A Rumania Hold, A Silesia – Bohemia,

 A Smyrna Supports A Ankara – Constantinople, A Trieste Supports A Venice (*Cut*),

 A Venice Supports A Trieste (*Dislodged*, retreat to Apulia or OTB), A Vienna - Tyrolia (*Fails*).

England (Mark Firth – mogcate “of” F Adriatic Sea - Trieste (*Fails*), F Baltic Sea – Sweden,

 A Denmark Supports F Baltic Sea – Sweden, F English Channel - North Sea, F Gulf of Lyon - Spain(sc),

 F Ionian Sea - Eastern Mediterranean (*Fails*), A Livonia Supports A Moscow – Warsaw, A Moscow – Warsaw,

 F Naples Supports F Tyrrhenian Sea - Ionian Sea (*Fails*), F North Sea – Holland,

 F Tyrrhenian Sea - Ionian Sea (*Fails*).

Germany (Jim Burgess – jfburgess “of” A Berlin – Silesia, F Gulf of Bothnia - St Petersburg(sc),

 A Kiel – Ruhr, A Marseilles – Piedmont, A Munich Supports A Berlin – Silesia,

 A Prussia Supports A Moscow – Warsaw, A Rome Supports A Tuscany – Venice, A Tuscany – Venice,

 A Tyrolia Supports F Adriatic Sea - Trieste (*Cut*), A Ukraine - Rumania (*Fails*).

Italy (John Biehl – jerbil “of” Disband A Venice.. F Constantinople Hold (*Dislodged*).

Russia (Kevin Wilson – ckevinw “of” A Warsaw Supports A Ukraine - Moscow (*Dislodged*).


Deadline for W 12/S 13 is June 27th at 7am my time


Supply Center Chart


Austria:            Ankara, Budapest, Bulgaria, Constantinople, Greece, Rumania, Serbia, Sevastopol,

Smyrna, Trieste, Vienna=11, Build 1 or Build 2 (but only room for 1 if retreats OTB)

England:          Brest, Denmark, Edinburgh, Holland, Liverpool, London, Naples,

                        Norway, Spain, Sweden, Tunis, Warsaw=12, Build 1

Germany:         Belgium, Berlin, Kiel, Marseilles, Moscow, Munich, Paris, Portugal,

                        Rome, St Petersburg, Venice=11, Build 1

Italy:                None=0, OUT!

Russia:             None=0, OUT!




(BOOB to BIEHL): Yes, you had a tougher time with Jack than I had with Mark, but I suspect that was more about YOU!


(JIM-BOB to MY PAL JACK): Yeah, Jack, it was tough, but you never were in a position where working with you made any sense, now the ways are looking clear to get to the end.  I hope we can get it there...


(JIM-BOB to MARK FIRTH): We both have had MORE than our share of medical problems this game.  My 2.5 years of cancer fighting pretty much has paralleled the precise time of this game [fearless Doug GM, when did we start?  I was diagnosed at the end of February, 2015].  Fighting the tactics in this game has been equally rewarding!!!


GM – Jim-Bob: February 2015 is when we started this thing…so close.


(GER -- ITA): I could NEVER have said I "always play to win" since I have some VERY famous two-way draws and other game endings.  I've far more often been accused (like you are doing) of NOT playing for solos.


(BOOB to DOUG ON MY BACK): I actually was quite happy with my first back surgery, which was very extensive, took a long recovery time but worked.  I think it set me up for what's happening now.  BUT, no way (me and my back surgeon and oncologist have said) do I want a SECOND back surgery.  Much too much back surgery definitely is done out there, but I have a good surgeon who tells you when it isn't warranted.