The Whining Kent Pigs

There Is No Hope.

The Whining Kent Pigs


The famous answering machine message.  “I can’t get out of here!”

From the “New Old House” tape, circa 1986, by Paul.

Title track from this 1986 classic album.  “Tony’s toast, and Bone too”

First track off the “New Old House” album.  “Howard, I love Z…..”

Gladys was ashamed of me.  Was I tongue-tied too like my wife?  Another answering machine message.

Mom’s Message

Buzz and Z—Version 1

Living in the New Old House

Ubby Wubby Wubby

Gladys’ Lecture

Music and Sound Files

The most famous Whining Kent Pig audio of all time.  You can get out of the CITY!

Do you Think Mom Will Clean My Guy?

Longer police story from The Sacks “Huh-Duh” tape.  Weeeeeeeee’re sorry!

Dog Kills Man

This is what my tuxedo cat Bibby would do while he sat at the window, staring outside, waiting for me to come home.

Bibby Baby

From “Huh-Duh” by The Sacks, circa 1978.

Silly Billy

From “Huh-Duh” by The Sacks, circa 1978.  “The water temperature is PERRRRfect!”


Everybody jump...and Glenwood...Glenwood...Glenwood!


A quick report from your roving reporter.  From “The Sacks”

Roger Mudd

A new product for men with an embarrassing problem.  From “The Sacks”


A little ditty by The Sacks.

A Boy Called Franklin

The entire “album” track by track, including the Sacks’ first foray into real musical instruments.  Circa 1978.

The Sacks, Volume II


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