The Whining Kent Pigs

There Is No Hope

The Whining Kent Pigs


Whining Kent Pig Gallery II

Here’s a second page of WKP photos.  I’m going to make the photos bigger from now on, so they are easier to see.

A Pig Meets a Pig

Oink Oink, I’m a pig too!

Ubby Wubby!

Date: 05/29/07

For Christmas I want a clean floor!

Soon They Will Be Broken

Smoking is Cool!

This isn’t normal tobacco—I feel funny!

Big Sister

Finally, someone I can beat up!

Decorating 101

This is known as the “lived-in” look.

I Didn’t Do It!

Seriously, it was like this when I got here.

Hurricane Katrina?

No, more like Hurricane Kent.

Future Career

Back when this family still had dreams.

The Big Meal

In honor of Dwight, the bread has no mold.

Ridgefield Parade

That Cub Scout leader is a bit too friendly!

Relaxing Time

Remember that wall hanging in the background?


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