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I am going to try and scan some new photos next week, which I will add to a new, second Whining Kent Pig Photo Gallery.  Maybe I’ll try to find a method to separating them by subject, location, type of photograph, or something like that.  If not, they’ll all just remain randomly placed.  Would they be much easier for you to see if I made them larger?  Let me know.  If you want me to email you any of these photos, just say so.  Have a nice day you stinking pigs!


Nice, piles of garbage  moved across the country.

Happy New Year!  Hahahahahahahaha!

Date: 05/29/07


A family of creeps, freaks, and losers.  Stay away, you never know what you’ll catch!

Birthday Cake

Probably the first real food you’ve seen in a week, kid.  Better make sure you get your share, quick!

Happy Christmas

Stocking Stuffers

Sing us that funny song about Isabelle again, Mom!

Rare Christmas photo before the crying and fighting and door-slamming!

Bad Ones

Pretty Colors

Where do you want to sit?  Next to you!

We’ve been digging in here for an hour, still no sign of the bottle opener.  Should we keep looking?


Let’s call Benihanas and ask them if….

July 1944

He Looks So Young

Family Joy

Mom and a family cat.

Dwight and one of the family cats.

I see the floor!

Weeeee’re Sorry!

All the kids (um, Allison, you weren’t alive, ha ha).

Smile Ann, so everybody knows what a good mommy you have!.

Smile For The Camera

Father & Daughter

Mom and Dwight

Nice Pants

Check your closet Paul, you might still have this outfit.

The driveway..oh the agony!

Marshall Road

Field Trip

Young Jon in front of Old State Street Hotel.


That’s the younger Gaiser kid in the center.

Somebody must have put a bowl on Paul’s head.

Nice Hair


If you smile nice and big, I’ll tell you a secret.

Pool Table

The first (and last) time all the balls were present.

Allison’s birthday party at the skating rink.

All Skate, All Skate

Special #2

I can count to TWO SCOOPS!


The log cabin.

Check out Ann’s bad-ass ride!

Big Wheel


Mmm, razor blades are soooo yummy.

Bath Time

Not sure who the girl on the right is.


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